Now supporting eight different Luggie scooter models and one folding powerchair, Luggie Australia is the authorised Australian Luggie importer, with dedicated dealers throughout Australia.

Designed as a collaboration between German and Taiwanese engineers, Freeerider pioneered the folding scooter concept that all other manufacturers have sought to copy once foldup scooters became popular with travellers.

High-tech engineering and design, lightweight, strong alloy construction, and Li-ion battery technology are the hallmark of all nine Luggie models.

And with all Luggies, the option of a half fold makes it just that much easier for loading into vehicles when lifting is a challenge for one person.

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WARNING: Luggie Australia will only warrant scooters and powerchairs purchased through one of its listed authorised dealers.



Man on Luggie Mobility Scooter in the Desert


 ...... AND SO DO KIDS!

Kids on Luggie Mobility Scooters